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Tue Dec 6 2016

Conditions of Entry - McDonald Jones Stadium

All patrons are to abide by the Conditions of Entry to McDonald Jones Stadium. These can be found on their website. Please note that unsealed beverages of any kind are not permitted in to the Stadium including but not limited to water bottles, thermoses, slushies, tea and coffee cups etc. If you have any queries as to what can and cannot be brought in to the Stadium please check the Conditions of Entry or contact McDonald Jones Stadium or Newcastle Jets to avoid disappointment at the gates. Read more

Mon Dec 5 2016

Active Support - Join The Fun!

Our non-active support members now have access to the active support area on match days so all members can join in the excitement that the Squadron brings to each home game! Read more

Sun Dec 4 2016

Membership Merchandise Packs

How to collect your membership merchandise pack! Read more

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