2017/18 Members - 9,201

Member Advisory Group

The Member Advisory Group is the new name for the Members Sub-Committee.

The 7 person group was selected from on overwhelming response of applications from members, with over 70 received.

The group acts in a consultative manner and will provide the Club with a range of views from different segments and groups of the Club's Member base. The members selected represent a diverse cross section of Jets supporters.

The objectives of the group are to:
• To enhance the relationship between the Club and it's Members and providing our Members the opportunity to play a key role in helping achieve success
• To establish a direct communication forum that is structured, orderly and efficient
• To help the Club better understand issues that most affect and concern our Members

The Club will engage with the Member Advisory Group on a range of topics including:
• Active Support & Match Day Atmosphere
• Membership packages and entitlements
• Member communications
• Match Day experience and facilities
• Merchandise

We welcome ALL Members to propose discussion topics, feedback or questions for the Member Advisory Group meetings by emailing membership@newcastlejets.com.au.

The Member Advisory Group appointments are as follows:

Maria Griffiths (aka 'Granny Jet')
Born and raised in Newcastle, I have never lived anywhere else and consider myself a “Newy” girl. My interest in football began when I met my husband, who played on a local level. Our two sons played, and now, three of my grandchildren from under 9's down to Sporty Kids play football. Much of my life has involved being a supporter in one form or another and I wouldn't want it any other way. I have no real technical expertise but make up for it with passion for the game and what I get out of being there on the day. From KB United, to Newcastle Rosebuds United, Newcastle Breakers and now Newcastle Jets I've been there waving the flag. I guess I'll have to be carried out on a stretcher. I am very happy to be involved in the members' sub-committee and will do my utmost to contribute in a positive way.

David Keating
I am 30 years old and have been a Newcastle Jets member for four years. I first attended football matches during the Newcastle United years and have attended Jets matches since the inception of the Hyundai A-League. I started following football in 1998 after the FIFA World Cup. I started following Liverpool to the point that it has now become an obsession. I am a regular contributor on Newcastle football forums, each week providing statistical previews of Jets matches. I feel privileged to represent my fellow members on the Jets sub-committee, and will work with the other committee representatives to make the Newcastle Jets membership the most rewarding in the Hyundai A-League.

Liam Braid
I have been a Jets fan for a number of years now having attended games since the 2007/08 season, including the Grand Final win. My family and I have been members since 2009 and my interest and commitment to attending games has certainly increased in the last couple of seasons having only missed one or two home game in the last two seasons. Outside of the Jets I have been playing football for 15 years and have refereed for a few. I'm currently studying the University of Newcastle so whilst I may not have any qualifications to my name yet I bring my strong interest and passion for football to the sub-committee. My main desire is to see the club re-grow in terms of the atmosphere and attendance numbers so that we can catch up again to the big city clubs and prove that Newcastle is in fact a football city.

Andrew Carr
I was born in Manchester in the 60's and have been a lifelong Manchester City fan. My interest in football (prior to City's new found wealth) was quite simply because of my love for football, the beautiful game, and I suppose because I have blue blood. My passion for football takes me back to the UK every three years, usually around August where I catch the last few hours of summer and cram in as many home games as possible. It also ensures that the Foxtel box never goes cold – the good news is that my wife loves the game as well, so I am a lucky boy! My other passion is our precious, forever maturing, forever professional and widely admired Hyundai A-League, and in particular the Jets. It gives me great pleasure as a member to see our membership figure increase year in, year out. I have missed only a handful of games since the Hyundai A-league started, attended hundreds of EPL and dozens of 2nd, 3rd & 4th tier games (following Rochdale), am actively involved in Valentine FC and play Over 35's. I'll always give a frank and honest opinion and have a strong desire to help make the club successful both on and off the pitch. I'd like to promote Squadron membership, organised singing and exceptional behaviour and to encourage family attendance, family participation and a sense family belonging at the football.

Samantha Nyman
I am a local fan and whilst I have only supported the Jets in the past few years, I am immersed in a household of football fanatics.

Gavin Austin
I have been a supporter since I regularly travelled from Taree to watch the Breakers with Dad and have been a Jets member since 2008. I was recently based in Sydney for work and was travelling from the Blue Mountains for games, however I now travel from the North Coast. I attend games with my mates, and/or with my family depending on the time of kick-off. I'm usually on the fringes of the Squadron and was once heavily involved in active support, but my kids now take priority. I would like to see the club help increase football's presence in Northern NSW schools and believe the club (and all Hyundai A-league clubs) can increase their viability and success off the pitch by making decisions guided by a focus on what is best for the broader code, not just the clubs. I hope to be able to accurately represent the views of the fans to the club so decisions are made with greater consultation, transparency and an increased understanding of the wide variance of viewpoints.

Grant Furner
I have been a Newcastle supporter since the Hyundai A-League began. I did go to a Sydney FC game round 1 season 1 to see what it was like but I felt absolutely no connection to that club whatsoever. I immediately started making trips (depending on work) up the F3 to follow the team representing the area in which I grew up - Newcastle & the Hunter. I joined The Squadron as a drummer in season 2 and have basically never left. I am currently The Squadron president and we are going through an evolution to rejuvenate the active support and try to get more people involved. We aim to get back to the days of old where The Squadron was spread across a number of bays rather than the small group that exists now. This is a long-term goal, but one we are working hard to achieve. I am also heavily involved in the Liverpool FC Supporters Club of NSW, and was previously heavily involved in Socceroos active support. I run the newcastlefootball.net website and The Jetstream Podcast. Needless to say, football forms a large part of my life, and the passion remains the same regardless of the good times or the bad. There is certainly never a dull moment, especially when supporting the Jets.