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Member Advisory Group

Newcastle Jets values feedback from our members and regularly meets with a Member Advisory Group to discuss issues raised by members.

The group acts in a consultative manner and will provide the club with a range of views from different segments and groups of the club's member base. The members selected represent a diverse cross section of Jets supporters.

The objectives of the group are to:
• To enhance the relationship between the club and it's members and providing our members the opportunity to play a key role in helping achieve success
• To establish a direct communication forum that is structured, orderly and efficient
• To help the club better understand issues that most affect and concern our members

The Club will engage with the Member Advisory Group on a range of topics including:
• Active Support & Match Day Atmosphere
• Membership packages and entitlements
• Member communications
• Match Day experience and facilities
• Merchandise

We welcome ALL members to propose discussion topics, feedback or questions for the Member Advisory Group meetings by emailing or by using the form below.

The Member Advisory Group consists of:

Emma Beckett

Andrew Carr

Craig Eardley

Grant Furner

Maria Griffiths

Kim Harrison

David Keating

Lea McLaren