Members Total: 10,203

Payment Options

You can choose to pay your Membership upfront or over 9 monthly installments. Payments with a VISA or MasterCard will be opted in to Automatic Renewal, taking the hassle out of renewing your Membership each year and ensuring you maintain your consecutive years of Member Loyalty.


Automatic Renewal will take the inconvenience out of renewing your Membership by doing it for you. The Jets will continue to renew your Membership each year until such time as you choose to opt out (within the given dates set by the Club). Members will automatically be added to the Annual or Monthly perpetual payment plan when they renew or join if paying by VISA or MasterCard.

Each year you will be given plenty of notice of the upcoming renewal as well as the opportunity to make changes to your Membership or opt out.

Automatic renewal will occur on 10 AUGUST 2018.


Available to those paying with a VISA or Mastercard only, the full cost of Membership is divided by 9 with payments deducted on the 28th of each month following the first payment on 10 AUGUST 2018. If you join after this date, your first payment will bring you into line with the payment plan (e.g if you join or renew on 30 September, your first payment will be the first 3 installments). Your monthly payments will then Automatically Renew for the following season.

If your payment fails due to insufficient funds or any other reason, our system will try again each day until payment is made. Access to McDonald Jones Stadium will be blocked if your Membership is behind by two or more installments. We will notify you by email and phone if your Membership is behind on payment. Please note, Memberships must be paid in full one the payment plan has commenced.


Pay your Membership in one lump sum via Automatic Renewal when using a VISA or Mastercard. You can also pay by cash at Jets HQ.


To opt out of Membership for the following season, email or follow the steps in your Renewal Form and return in the reply paid envelope provided.